FIPO Appraisals

FIPO continues to provide appraisals for consultants and GPs in the private sector. The appraisal service uses the MyL2P programme, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to carry out your appraisal including what documentation and information needs to be uploaded in preparation of any scheduled meeting.

All appraisers working with FIPO are recognised and undergo mandatory annual appraiser top-up training organised through FIPO via MIAD. For consultants and GPs who wish to be appraised, please complete and return our FIPO-CAppS Registration Form and return it to the FIPO office at; If you are an appraiser and would like to join our group then please contact us at FIPO.

FIPO has been advised by Responsible Officers that appraisals may continue during this coronavirus pandemic applying Her Majesty's Government recommended safety protocols and social distancing. You may also carry out your appraisal via video conference. 


Please find the guidelines, forms and presentations below. 


Guidance Presentation - Appraiser

Appraisal guidance notes - Appraiser

Appraisal 2020 National FAQs

FIPO-CAppS Registration Document 2024

FIPO Consultant Appraisal Services (FIPO-CAppS) - History

The Board of FIPO took the decision in November 2010 to form a separate group to provide appraisal for fully independent consultants with practising privileges (i.e. with no NHS affiliation). This will be known as FIPO-CAppS (FIPO Consultant Appraisal Services). FIPO-CAppS will report to the main FIPO Board and will be headed by Dr Gerard Panting. The FIPO-CAppS appraisal system is based on the previous system employed by the London Consultants' Association (LCA). The LCA Board has agreed to merge its appraisal system in to the new FIPO group. LCA members will be given concessionary rates for their appraisal.

Appraisal for consultants with an NHS contract will be carried out within their Trust. Those consultants who also work in the independent sector will need to provide a full report from every independent hospital they work in which should cover activity, complaints, incidents and also positive information.

Independent hospitals will only provide appraisal for those doctors who are actually employed such as Resident Medical Officers. Consultants with hospital practising privileges and without any NHS affiliation will have to obtain an "approved" appraisal and the previous "buddy-buddy" system will not be allowed.

As from 2011 appraisal has been strengthened and will be a vital part of the information which each doctor must take forward to his/her Responsible Officer in order for a recommendation to be made about their revalidation. Revalidation is due to commence in 2013 and strengthened medical appraisal (to be rebadged as Medical Appraisal Framework) must start in 2012. About 20% of all doctors will be put forward for revalidation in 2014 and those selected will need to have at least one enhanced a current appraisal plus a recent MSF (Multi-Source Feedback).

FIPO-CAppS has been set up with the sole purpose of providing the enhanced appraisal for fully independent consultants in a managed environment which is acceptable to both the Responsible Officers and also to the regulatory authorities.

At this time MSF (Multisource Feedback) has been defined by the GMC and every doctor will need to engage in one round of MSF in each five year cycle of revalidation. This will involve feedback from both peers and patients although it is recognised that some doctors have no patient contact.

FIPO-CAppS has been progressing and has processed some 50 appraisals for independent consultants in the last few months. This work continues and FIPO has also been running TOP-UP Training for appraisers and has also run a large and detailed Pilot Study in order to quality assure and test its appraisal systems.

Consultants who need appraisal should contact the FIPO Office here