FIPO was appointed as the principal professional adviser to PHIN which has been mandated to produce and publicise data in line with the CMA requirement for the Fee/ Quality Remedy on consultant activity in the private sector (Articles 21 and 22). FIPO is the only professional group which is a Member of PHIN (and hence entitled to vote at the PHIN AGM) and has also appointed its own nominee to sit on the PHIN Board (Dr Gerard Panting).

PHIN does consult on specific issues with specialist associations (such as the Procedure Coding Groups) but FIPO is the coordinator for the profession on all general matters.

FIPO has set up two sub-groups FIPO-COAG (Clinical Outcome Advisory Group) and FIPO-EPRG (Expert Professional Reference Group) to deal with Quality (clinical outcomes) reporting and the Fees.These groups meet regularly to advise PHIN.

FIPO is not responsible for the accuracy, content or interpretation of any data published by PHIN.