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In the light of recent events in the independent healthcare sector, it seemed appropriate to highlight FIPO’s role.

FIPO is a federation comprising the majority of the medical professional associations in the UK with a private practice committee. FIPO is the senior body for specialists providing their medical services within the independent sector. With our Private Patients’ Charter in 2007, we championed the importance of patients having the freedom to choose their consultant and to have the right care in the right place.

Our mission is to preserve the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship within the independent sector. It is vital that individual patients seeking medical services are able to benefit from advice and care appropriate to their clinical needs without hindrance or restrictions. 

 FIPO recognises that there are many issues and competing interests emerging, but FIPO is not a trade union. FIPO will always be open to appropriately convened discussions with stakeholders and bodies throughout the sector, but it does not and cannot interfere with individual contractual arrangements. 

FIPO and its Executive work hard in many areas on behalf of its member organisations, and we rely on our representative Council Members to cascade information about our activities throughout their own membership. Due to the breadth of experience of its Chairman and Board Members of working in different capacities throughout the sector, FIPO is able to offer support to those facing challenges in their independent medical practice.