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Plenty of pizzas, but a paucity of private care,” Mr Richard Packard, FIPO Chair

The waiting lists for patients are growing each day and delays in diagnoses are increasing – access to private care is restricted. As the government relaxes lock-down we are seeing garden centres re-opening, more and more takeaways re-opening, pubs with gardens are even on the list, but private doctors and their patients are still held back.

The latest June edition of the Independent Practitioner Today (IPT) is shining the spotlight on this issue. Our FIPO Chair, Richard Packard recently gave comment to the IPT’s editor, Robin Stride about this very matter and the wholly underutilisation of private hospitals and its staff during this pandemic at the expense of the livelihoods of its staff and most importantly, its patients.

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“Coronavirus: Private hospitals sit empty as waiting lists for surgery grow,” Mr Richard Packard FIPO Chair 

On Thursday 4th June The Times correspondent, Mr Andrew Ellson, shone the light on the improper use of taxpayers’ money on NHSE contracts with private hospital providers  for their capacity and facilities during this pandemic, which are not being utilised. Meanwhile, consultants have had restricted and even zero access to their work and most importantly, to their patients.

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