NHS England has recently announced a consultation process for ‘Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS’ the document explaining this matter can be accessed here: Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS

There are some conflicts of interest that may arise and affect the profession and FIPO has no objection to the process of reviewing and increasing transparency in these areas. However, one specific issue involves private practice and it is proposed that all consultants who have private practice will be required to make public with whom private practice is conducted, the sessions conducted, an outline of their duties (specialism and common procedures) and their gross earnings in the previous twelve months divided into categories of less than £50K, less than £100K and more than £100K. FIPO will maintain that provided a consultant is working appropriately and correctly within their job description in the NHS that their private practice arrangements outside and within their own free time should not be subject to this type of analysis. It is difficult to understand exactly what conflict of interest there may be in this matter. The Royal College of Surgeons have also made a short statement and can be seen via the link below.

Statement on Conflicts of Interest and Private Practice

You may give your views on this via the link below.

Consultant Hub

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