FIPO Meeting on: 
Quality Assurance in the Independent Sector:
The Role of the Profession and the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

A stimulating meeting was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on the 9th November 2005.  The audience comprised MAC chairmen, hospital managers and governance personnel from the private sector and Healthcare Commission and GMC officials. 

The FIPO MAC Guidelines were introduced and accepted.  Various aspects of the Guidelines were discussed in presentations by FIPO Board members and others including complaints, near misses, practising privileges, renewal of privileges, suspension of consultants and rules governing privileges for consultants over 70 years of age.  There were further presentations about clinical governance in a large and small independent hospital and then a case demonstration of a clinical incident, which gave the audience an opportunity to discuss how they might handle a difficult scenario. 

The afternoon session was initially devoted to ways in which the Healthcare Commission will be changing its regulatory inspection role and this provoked considerable discussion.  Several speakers explored the complexities of data collection from both the NHS and private sectors and agreed that there is little uniformity and poor fundamental definitions.

In the final session the Chairman of FIPO presented plans for FIPO CGAC (FIPO-Clinical Governance Advisory Committee) and there was some discussion around this concept which was fully endorsed by the MAC Chairmen and other audience members. The Healthcare Commission in particular were keen to promote this committee as a useful link point between themselves and the profession and reiterated their view that professional input and good MAC functions were essential parts of high quality care.  More information will follow in due course about FIPO CGAC.


The slide presentation by the lead members of the Healthcare Commission can be accessed here and show the ways in which the Commssion will be changing its inspection routines and the importance that will be attached to the role of the MAC in independent hospitals.

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