BUPA Insurance Terms and Conditions for Newly Appointed Consultants – July 2010

BUPA Insurance stopped recognising newly appointed consultants in January 2010 but have now announced new terms and conditions for these young consultants.

As from July 2010 newly appointed consultants seeking BUPA Insurance recognition will be required to adhere to the BUPA Maxima for in-patient fees; there will be some discussion about out-patient consultation fees with each consultant. In addition these consultants will be required to sign a contract which allows BUPA to request detailed personal, administrative and clinical details (audits, work analysis, complications, clinical incidents, complaints, appraisals) at any stage.

Within the documents there is the suggestion that established consultants will be considered although BUPA says there are no immediate plans to alter established consultant fee arrangements.

The BUPA position was developed on the back of a questionnaire which was sent out to the profession but details of this have not been revealed. Many of the questions in the BUPA survey were directed towards “quality” and recognition issues. In anticipation of this FIPO carried out its own (second) survey in June 2010 to try and gauge the responses of the profession to some of the questions raised by BUPA.

FIPO has met with BUPA Insurance and discussions are currently underway about this issue.

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