BUPA Insurance and other Fee Schedules

Since 1992, BUPA Insurance's fee schedule has remained static compared to an increase of 24.1 % for RPI and 32.8 % for the NHS. There have been recent increases, largely for anaesthetic services. This improvement goes to show the advantages of a unified approach by a group of specialists which will help their patients with fee reimbursements. Insurers' "profits" or "surpluses" have increased over this period, particularly in recent years. Premiums have regularly gone up by far more than inflation, with increases of between 6 to 12 % a year from 1993 and 1999 (as reported by the Financial Times, 21st May 2001).

FIPO does not stand for unreasonable or high consultant charges for medical services. However, the fact that 40 % of BUPA Insurance's patients face some shortfall in their consultant fee reimbursement (Sunday Times, 27th January 2002) would indicate that this reimbursement to patients is inadequate.

Other insurance companies are more generous to patients with regard to consultant fee reimbursements. PPP adopts a different policy and will not publish a precise list of actual fee reimbursements but adheres instead to its own undefined rates based on the company's view of what is "usual and customary".